Will Homeowners Insurance Pay for a Roof Repair?

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At some point or another every homeowner will ask themselves if their policies cover roof repair. If we’re talking about filing a roof damage claim in the context of a weather event or an accident, or a tree limb falling on it, the answer is a pretty clear one (Although, whether the settlement offer meets the policy amount is a different topic entirely.) If we’re talking about smaller damages, like roof leak or missing shingles due to the wind, that is a different story. The short answer for those would be, yes in many cases, despite how this might shock most homeowners. 

In a lot of cases. When the insurance company sends an insurance adjuster to check the damage, they’ll state that it’s not covered. They’ll try to state that the damage is only cosmetic or general wear and tear. The question now becomes if this internal assessment should be accepted as the authoritative answe for what is or isn’t a viable insurance claim. Remember that insurance companies are the source you will be submitting your claim to. The answer is simple, they’re experts on what their assessment needs to be in order to state that it’s not covered.

So, what should you do? Easy. Don’t take their word for it. They count on homeowners to just go with what they say. As we’ve said in other articles, insurance companies only have their best interest in mind, so you have to do what’s best for you. Our recommendation? Get in contact with a public adjuster, of course.

Don’t Take the Insurance Company’s Word for It

As a lot of people won’t like to believe, insurance companies have a bias. Profit. They’re interest will always lie on it, which is why they’ll probably say that it’s not covered or give you a settlement way under what you deserve. Saying “no” or severely undervaluing a claim is such a highly profitable business strategy for the insurance industry that  sadly they won’t change.

So, What do we recommend for a Roof Repair?

You have two choices. Either you take their word for it, or you can ensure that your side of the contract is given the same consideration as theirs. This is where Public Adjusting comes in. Having an expert on your side that understands and can interpret insurance policies will give you an edge over them. Public adjusters are working and advocating for you, not for the insurance company.

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Common Misconceptions of Filing an Insurance Claim Using a Public Adjuster

We’re aware that there are lots of myths and misconception about Public Adjusters. We went over some of them in another article, but we’ll go through a few here.

Will my Homeowners insurance Premium Increase if I file a Claim? 

Simple answer, no. This is actually illegal, as insurance companies can’t punish their costumer for deciding to go to a Public Adjuster. The only reasons your Premium could increase are, in the event of a hurricane but this would be either by state or region, not by individuals. If the risk to your property increases, such as the installation of a pool, trampoline or even owning certain dog breeds. Lastly, it can increase if there are multiple claims filed in a given time period. Hiring a Public Adjuster IS NOT one of them.

Will My Insurance Company Drop Me?

Once more, the answer is no. The fact that this is a common fear baffles us, but it’s one that a lot of homeowners have nonetheless. If an insurance company wants to raise your premium or threatens to drop you for enacting the very services you are paying for, that is a cause to drop them and take your business elsewhere. 

The most important thing is to protect your home. If you have a roof damage of any kind, and it falls under the guidelines of your insurance policy which states that a full replacement is covered, why would you not want to get the best roof your policy affords? You are paying for that financial protection, and you should be paying for a service that you’re too afraid to use.

So, back to the beginning. Is your roof covered by your insurance? We’re here to help you figure that out. Express Public Adjusting has your best interest at heart, and with our knowledge we’ll make sure to give you a proper assessment and help you through your claim.

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