What to do if you find Mold in your Property?


Mold can be a health hazard and a problem that a lot of homeowners face, but before we get started on what to do when you find it, let’s define what is mold. It is a type of fungus that sprouts from small spores that float in the air. When clusters of these spores grow on surfaces, they reproduce and spread. 

You might be able to notice mold when it is visible over surfaces or by the damp, musty odor associated with it. If left unchecked, it can damage your health and your property, which is why it’s important to know the steps to take to identify it and eradicate it.

Health Hazards

Not everyone knows how dangerous mold can be for our health, but in reality, it can cause a number of severe health problems. These include making a person cough, wheeze, and develop irritation on the skin, throat, and eyes. It can also affect existing medical conditions, like asthma, mold allergies, and respiratory problems.

Damage to Property

Not only can it affect your health, but mold also can cause problems with the structure of your home. The main issue is weakening your walls, ceiling, and floor. And, in case you wish to place your home for sale, you’ll have to disclose its presence.

Now, let’s start talking about some important steps you can take:

Look for other places that could have Mold

Express Public Adjusting Mold

All homes can have mold. For it to grow it needs a surface, warmth, darkness, and oxygen, all of which can be found in any home or property. When on top of those, moisture is added, it can grow. 

If you suspect there is mold in your property, make sure to check these areas:

  • Bathroom: Check everywhere you can, your bathtub or shower (including the tiles), around the sink, toilet, and all drains where there is moisture. Also, make sure to check on accessory items in your bathroom, like the shower curtain, washcloths, or your shampoo and conditioner bottles.
  • Kitchen: Leftovers food, dirty dishes, and countertops are perfect places for it to grow. Also, make sure to check the garbage disposal, kitchen sink, microwave, and stove.
  • Walls: Water leaks can create a buildup of mold.
  • Fireplace and chimney: These dark places are prime locations for mold to grow.
  • Attic and basements: These locations tend to be isolated, with little to no sunlight and airflow which makes them humid and dark, and like stated before, perfects spots for growth.

If you want to confirm the presence of mold, it’s best to hire a certified professional for this task because home testing kits are often very unreliable. Hiring a professional also comes in when trying to get rid of it. It is always safer to hire someone. Although it might be expensive, it is important to protect your health and the value of your home.



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