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What’s the difference? Insurance Adjusters vs Public Adjusters

When you file a claim through you insurance, it’s common knowledge that your insurance will send out an adjuster to inspect, evaluate, and estimate the whereabouts of said claim. Their job is to find out why you made the claim, and provide you with an estimate of how much it will cost to repair the claimed damage. This process is super common here in Florida due to our annual hurricanes that cause wind damage, flood damage, roof leaks, plumbing back ups and more. What MANY don’t know, is that Insurance Adjusters work for the insurance companies, meaning their focus is to repair the damage, but do so at MINIMAL cost to save the insurance company money. No they’re not malicious, but they are a business, so it makes sense!

LUCKILY, Public Adjusters, like our team here at Express Public Adjusting, are here to level the playing field! Public adjusters are trained to dig even deeper, and truly estimate what the claim requires. Commonly, insurance will overlook a number of PIVOTAL aspects that can cause your claim to miss out on THOUSANDS. These under estimated claims often leave homeowners with unfinished projects like a half paid roofs they have to finish paying from their own pocket. No one wants that! Here are 6 things we’ve seen them overlook!

1. Roof Damage & Roof Leaks

We can all agree that a structurally sound roof is a fairly important part of your house, right? Well, often, insurance adjusters don’t inspect a roof for proper damage, and are known to under estimate a claim due to it. Public Adjusters will look for cracks, wind damaged shingles, and leaks while inspecting. Beyond that, Express Public Adjusting always goes one step further to see if damage found, has caused ADDITIONAL damage to areas below the roof, which if very common.Fort-Lauderdale-Roof-Damage-Express-Public-Adjusting

2. Baseboards & Flooring

When leaks occur from the ceiling, it’s often overlooked to see where that leak dropped to. Gravity usually pulls it downward, which means it often reaches the baseboards and flooring of your home. This simple oversight can leave your home with un-even flooring, warped baseboards, and thousands in repairs if your insurance adjuster never catches the damage properly. A public adjusters expertise goes a long way in these cases and can save you THOUSANDS in the long run.

3. Kitchen Sink Issues

When was the last time you looked under your sink? Not recently probably. Well the same answer goes for most insurance adjusters. Peeking under a sink takes moments, but its an invaluable place to look due to its high potential to mold producing leaks. We’ve found that 1/20 house holds have signs of slight plumbing damage and mold under their sink, which can spread to other parts of the house, and even worse, health issues for your loved ones and yourself.

4. Air Conditioning & Heating Units

Our most common oversight we’ve seen in 2020 was around A/C Units & Air Handlers. Often missed, water spots form around these machines, which are key indicators for further damage nearby. This damage can weaken your foundation, walls, and cause mold growth.

Pensacola Fence Damage Florida Public Adjusting

5. Fence Damage

2020 was a record hurricane year. Pensacola & surrounding areas were hit time and time again with Wind, Rain, and Flood Damage. This not only tormented homes, but their fencing as well! Your fence is still part of your property, and often covered in your insurance policies. Express Public Adjusting ALWAYS makes sure to include every piece of property to maximize your claim pay out, just as you deserve.

6. Cracked Ceilings

Ceiling cracks are sometimes VERY hard to see, and often ignored due to sometimes even the homeowner not knowing about them. But even a miniscule crack can be a signal for leaking, damaged roofing, and other damage behind the crack. This one is major as we’ve seen full roofs being replaced and justified after we’ve found cracked ceilings.


Your Insurance has an Adjuster, do YOU?

Simply put, Public Adjusters are working for YOU to make sure your claims are viewed FAIRLY and estimated CORRECTLY. Our most recent claim that finalized on October 28th, in Fort Lauderdale was a perfect example. Our client’s insurance stated their roof only needed minor damage repair, at most paying out $9,000. With Express Public Adjusting, we justified a full roof replacement AND the damage from indoor leaks that caused their flooring to bubble. After the claim closed, our client recieved $118,480 to COMPLETELY handle their claim and repair their house to pre-claim status.


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