Recovering from Tropical Storm Eta?

A Tropical Storm or Hurricane and the damage that comes from them are more than just stories that you hear on the news. Especially if you live or work in Florida. They are a reality for everyone, as these storms, high winds, and heavy rain are extremely frightening. They often leave devastation, damage, and destruction.

Storm damage can have a big range. They can include, but are not limited to: 

    • Leaking And Damaged Roofs (Missing Tiles Or Shingles)
    • Leaks Appearing On Ceiling
    • Toppled Trees On Structures
    • Internal And External Water Damage

If your home suffers from any of these or was severely impacted because of a Hurricane or Tropical Storm, you might need to temporarily relocate. If it hits your workplace or business, it might be interrupted. After all of this, making the insurance claim is a time-consuming, frustrating and complex process. Especially, because the insurance companies will tend to require a great deal of information. Even then they don’t always offer appropriate settlements.

It’s also important to know that storm damage is not always immediately apparent. In the State of Florida, the law provides you a three-year window. It starts from the date of a particular storm to file, reopen or supplement a claim.

Recovering Damages from Tropical Storm Eta

On November 8th, 2020 the Tropical Storm Eta reached the Florida Keys and began moving through the state. The heavy rain, strong winds, and intense storm were dangerous for most of the state, including South Florida. The storm was strong enough to the point that nearly 11 inches of rain could be seen in Broward County. 

It goes without saying that this storm combined with the wind resulted in considerable devastation. There was a considerable amount of Roof leaks, water, and wind damage. Although the storm didn’t reach hurricane-force winds, the gusts were strong enough to remove roof tiles, destroy fences and topple trees. Many suffered a significant loss.

If you are one of those affected by this storm, or if you have already filed, but are unsatisfied with your insurance company’s response, contact us. We will make sure your claim exceeds your deductible before filing it or make sure you get the money you need even after filing it. Don’t worry about being too late, as according to Florida Statutes. 

“A claim, supplemental claim, or reopened claim under an insurance policy that provides property insurance, as defined in s. 624.604, for loss or damage caused by the peril of windstorm or hurricane, is barred unless notice of the claim, supplemental claim, or reopened claim was given to the insurer by the terms of the policy within 3 years after the hurricane first made landfall or the windstorm caused the covered damage.” In short, you MUST file by November 8, 2023.

Hurricane Eta Damage

We Can Help

We’re well-versed in claims recovery and can help you get reimbursed for damages that occurred as a result of this extremely

 devastating storm. We’ll make sure to conduct inspections and complete all the paperwork needed, as well as attend any appointments on your behalf.

These types of damages can extend beyond what you can simply see. We know what, where, and how to look for them. We will make sure you are not caught off guard down the road as these hidden damages are often considerable and costly.

If you’re looking for help over these damages, we’ll make sure to help you along the way and make sure this process is as stress-free and as easy as possible. As we make sure you get the money you deserve for all the expenses and loss.

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