Protect yourself from these 5 Lies Restoration Contractors May Tell you!

Protect yourself from these 5 Lies Restoration Contractors May Tell you!

Everyone in Florida is aware of the damage that can occur because of hurricanes and storms. But those aren’t the only ones that occur each year for countless people. From fire damage to flood and mold, each year Floridians incur property damage to their homes and businesses. Which is why it’s common that when this happens they have to deal with restoration contractors as well as insurance companies.

Going through any damage is already stressful enough, without adding the restoration process. Which comes with its own set of headaches in dealing with the insurance company, as well as the restoration contractors.

Sadly, a lot of people get ripped off by hiring the wrong restoration contractor. In order to help you protect yourself and ensure your property is restored to your satisfaction, we made this article. Here are some of the lies you might encounter during the insurance claims process.

5 Most Common Lies Restoration Contractors might tell you


Sign here and we’ll take care of everything

Protect yourself from these 5 Lies

Many restoration insurance restoration contractors act as unlicensed public adjusters. Although they have no authority to negotiate your insurance claim settlement on your behalf. This is actually a third degree felony in Florida.

If any restoration contractor asks you to sign an Assignment of Benefit (AOB) form and you sign it, they have just entitled themselves to all money from your claim. 


We’ll get you the most money because we work with all the insurance companies.


They do, in fact, work with all or many of the different insurance companies but not in the way they want you to believe. If an insurance contractor was referred to you by the insurance company, then probably you aren’t the real customer for said contractor. This type of contractor is more interested in doing what the insurance company tells them to do, rather than help you. Why? Because then they’ll get more money from the insurance company.  

They get paid by the insurance company, not you. Which is why they’re more interested in pleasing them than helping you.


We’ll cover your deductible

Public adjusting

A lot of restoration contractors are unethical but some are outright criminals. If any insurance restoration contractor tells you they will cover your deductible, report them immediately. This is a third degree felony in the state of Florida.


If you don’t like the workmanship or the job, you don’t have to for it


This is another trick to get you to sign the AOB form we mentioned before. Which once again, it’s a contract that deprives you of your rights. In the last couple of years, Florida has been flooded by AOB lawsuits.

If you sign this and you don’t like the workmanship, or the insurance contractor doesn’t pay its subcontractors for work completed on your property, you may have to deal with liens without help. You’ll be stuck dealing with the liens and legal problems on your own. 

Many insurance companies and their adjuster will act like the insurance company is warranting or guaranteeing the work, but that is another lie. If you want a written guarantee or warrantee, ask your insurance company directly for it, but you might be surprised by how they’ll avoid doing so.


We’ll negotiate your claim with the insurance company

Public Adjusting contracts

Once again, to negotiate a claim you need to be a licensed public adjuster. Which insurance restoration contractors aren’t, and have no authority whatsoever to negotiate with the insurance company on your behalf. This is a third degree felony.


Check our other posts to find out more of how public adjuster works and what to watch out for when it comes to unlicensed public adjusters. Don’t be fooled by the insurance company and restoration contractor. Make sure to have a licensed public adjuster who knows how to assist you through the traps and lies from other companies as they ensure your property is restored to your satisfaction.

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