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At Express Public Adjusting, we know insurance claims can be a real pain. That’s why we’ve made it our mission to help homeowners get the settlements they deserve. With over 50 million dollars recovered for our clients, we’ve got the experience and expertise to navigate the tricky claims process.

Our team of licensed professionals is dedicated to working for you, not the insurance company. We offer a free consultation and inspection with no obligation, and if we don’t recover anything for you, we don’t charge a fee. Plus, we’re not afraid to take on insurance companies who underpay or deny claims. So if you’re feeling frustrated with your claim, let us help you get back on track!

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Do you struggle with:

  • Handling the stress and emotional toll of a property damage incident?
  • Getting an accurate assessment of the damage to your property?
  • Dealing with denied insurance claims?
  • Not receiving adequate money to cover the cost of repairs after an accident?
  • Delays in the claim, prolonging the disrepair of your property?

We understand and we are here to help!

We Handle All Types of Insurance Claims

Don’t Let Your Insurance Company Push You Around!

Get the money you deserve from your insurance claim.

When disaster strikes your home or property, nothing is more important than having someone on your side. Although you may have insurance to cover the damages, it’s important to know that the provider could try to get away with doing the bare minimum. Insurance adjusters who work for an insurance company will likely inspect the damage with their employer’s best interests in mind, not yours. That’s why you need to call Express Public Adjusting before making a claim.

We’re the leading public adjusters in Florida because we will do whatever it takes to make sure you get the maximum payout from your policy.

We Only Get Paid After You Win Your Claim

We do not charge anything for our consultations and evaluations, and we only take cases that we are confident we will win. We operate on a contingency fee basis, which means we only get paid if you do. We take a percentage of the amount that your insurance company ultimately settles on, and you always have the option to accept or deny their offer. Our goal is to maximize your settlement, and we work tirelessly to ensure that you receive the compensation you deserve.

Our Clients Love Us!

Here’s How It Works

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1. Free Consultation and Inspection

We’ll come to your property, assess the damage, and discuss your options with you.

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2. Prepare Your File

We’ll develop an estimate and plan for repairs, and prepare all the necessary paperwork.


3. Negotiate with Insurance

We will work amiably with your insurance company to negotiate a fair settlement.

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4. Receive Your Funds

Finally, once we’ve secured the funds you’re entitled to, we’ll ensure that you receive them as quickly as possible.

How We’ve Helped Homeowners

Insurance Company Offered $16,349.25

Express Public Adjusting Recovered $45,370.51

Express Public Adjusting recovered 277% more than the Insurance Company offered!

Insurance Company Offered $1,813.18

Express Public Adjusting Recovered $21,686.82

Express Public Adjusting recovered 1096% more than the Insurance Company offered.


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