Does Your Insurance Cover Theft?

homeowner insurance claim for theft

Our homes are meant to be safe. Which is why theft can be a devastating occurrence for homeowners. This is why having the right insurance policy is important. In the unfortunate event of break-ins, getting in touch with the police is vital, and right after your insurance company. 

Homes contain immense monetary value and a lot of personal property. Which is why homeowner’s insurances have policies for personal items. Loss from theft falls under the personal property protection. Other policies like Dwelling coverage, coverage for property, etc. Should cover breaks-in. In the case where the property is away from home, there are certain limitations. These are set as a percentage of the total dwelling coverage. 

Here are other coverages for different thefts and losses.


A structure coverage helps pay for separate structures repair due to peril rather than break-in. If your garage gets hit during a security breach or car theft, structure coverage covers repairs but tools are not inclusive.


Replacement cost coverage:

In the cases where items or products have been stolen. The replacement cost coverage of the products will make your insurer pay the cost to replace it at today’s value. Certain items, like jewelry, silverware, etc. may have lower sub-limits. 

Homeowners Insurance and auto insurance:

Homeowner’s insurance coverage doesn’t extend to damages or theft. In some cases it might even exclude living expenses. While auto insurance policy will only cover for items that are stolen out of the vehicle. Standard homeowners insurance policies do cover for personal belongings if they were stolen from your home. However, be sure it’s Actual Cash Value or Replacement Cost Value.

insurance claim for theft public adjusting

In the case of a theft claim, it is important to note that insurance policies only cover cases that have been reported. You need to be living in the house that had the break-in, as in the case that you’ve been away from the residence for more than two months, your claim may be invalid. These are a few of the cases where an insurance policy may not cover you. If you’re not sure if any of these apply to you, make sure to contact us for help! Here at Express Public Adjusting we are interested in helping you and making a stressful situation easier.

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