Different Types Of Roof Damage In Hollywood, Florida

What a lot of people might not know is that there are different types of Roof Damage, and each possesses characteristics that differ from the other. You need to repair roof damage as soon as they’re evident, as delaying it or ignoring it may damage your property further. 


Here is a list of the different types of roof damage and the reasons why you need to repair it immediately when you see them.

Moisture damage

moisture roof damage

The accumulation of moisture can cause failed sealants, torn underlayment, cracks and loose tiles, and more. If ignored the moisture can cause decay, mold, rot, moss and more. It ca also accumulate pests that can weaken the roof, and in the worse case scenario, your home structure.


Stained ceilings and walls are the most common signs of moisture damage, but this damage can occur long before the signs become evident. Which is why most public adjusters will recommend you to undergo a quality roof maintenance to address any potential problem.


Roof Leak

roof leak

If your roof has any holes or torn-off sections, water will most likely enter your home and possibly cause wreckage. This could be because the insulation in your ceiling is being affected by water damage, which in turn can affect the energy efficiency in your home and make your bills higher. 


Cracks and Puncture

Cracks and Puncture

In Florida this damage is closely related to moisture because they tend to have a direct cause. Cracks and punctures can occur due to poor installation or poor roof maintenance. Some parts of roofs are more vulnerable and fragile. If you’re careless or use improper tools, punctures on seals, tear on underlayment and moisture barriers can be possible, so it’s best to seek help from an expert. After a terrible storm look for signs of roof damage, as falling debris is a rare cause of puncture and cracks on your roof.

Loose and Broken Shingles

Loose and Broken Shingles

It is really important that these are installed properly, as they can be blown off by strong winds if they weren’t or weak adhesive was used. Debris and heavy hail can also be strong enough to tear your shingles and leave your roof bare. We suggest that when this happens, replace the shingles with new patches to avoid further damage.


Worn-down Roofing Materials

Worn-down Roofing Materials

This type of damage can be the hardest to notice before it’s too late. If your shingles are bare and grayed-out, you better get to work. When the roof material reaches the end of their life span they tend to be really fragile, which is why we recommend that if possible go for a full roof replacement.

It is always best to seek an expert for a quick inspection and see if you need a repair or a total roof replacement. 


Structural Damage 

Structural Roof Damage 

This damage may occur when the roof supports start failing or shifting. This might cause your roof to tilt, buckle or experience other issues that might pose a safety risk. If you have this damage, it might be serious enough that you may require a large repair project to fix it.

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