Common Mistakes Made While Filing Claims in 2022

Common mistakes when filing a claim

Making insurance claims is filled with underpayment, delays, and dancing around deadlines and fine print including while filing claims. We all know that insurance companies don’t give a fair settlement. If they did, they would lose business down the road. But, this doesn’t apply to those who know the rules well and file accordingly. Neither those who get in touch with someone who does to let them file on their behalf. Like a Public Adjuster. 

Here are a few common mistakes homeowners make when filing claims for damages from storms, fires, sinkholes, or dropped/fallen objects.

Not Filing Claims Right Away

Waiting to file the claim is, unfortunately, the norm but this has a few reasons, if any, that actually help. To get the best outcome for your property damage claim will hinge on you following best practices, not the crowd. After a storm hits, everyone wants time to reorient themselves and spend time dealing with the storm’s aftermath. That shouldn’t stop you from starting to file your claim.

People procrastinate on filing a claim, as some of the damage won’t be evident at first, like a roof leak, but there are certain damages that are easier to prove sooner than later. Filing a claim with your insurance company ASAP is a high priority for those seeking a fair settlement. 

Not Documenting Your Property and Possessions Before a Storm

Documenting property and possessions for filing claims

We understand that when the warning of a storm or hurricane hits, taking photos of your property and possessions might not be the first thing in your mind. However, this should become a habit, especially for people living in Florida where this is a yearly occurrence. (Check our article on how to prepare and document your property/possessions) 

For Public Adjusters, having documentation to supplement our own photographs and estimates makes our job easier. The more robust your evidence is documenting the damage that you have suffered, the more leverage we will have with your insurance company while filing claims.  

To make sure that you have the proper documentation before a storm hits, you can always prepare by having a running inventory of your possessions and the state of your property. Doing this as the initial legwork will help release the stress, as you can simply update the changes year after year.

Accepting the First Settlement They Receive

There are few cases where accepting the first offer you receive is a good option. Be it salary negotiation, haggling for the price of goods, or in this case, receiving an insurance settlement for your damages. There might be times where the insurance company may offer a somewhat reasonable offer upfront. But that doesn’t mean that it couldn’t be made better through negotiating and more convincing efforts. 

Not Contacting a Public Adjuster ASAP

A lot of people don’t know Public Adjusters exist or what they do. A skilled Public Adjuster is someone you can hire to ensure that everything on your claim goes smoothly. We handle various aspects of your insurance claim and make sure that you get the best settlement possible for your damage. 

Many believe that they don’t have the means to afford such service but in another article, we went over how Public Adjusters are paid. In it, we go over how Public Adjusters don’t ask for a payment upfront but rather get paid when you do. This is what’s known as a contingency fee, and it’s quite common in legal professions. Click here to read other myths about Public Adjusters.

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