5  Lies You Might Hear From a Restoration Contractor in Broward County

5  Lies You Might Hear From a Restoration Contractor in Broward County

Thousands of people living in the Boward County region, suffer damages to their residential and commercial properties every year due to various factors, ranging from natural calamities such as hurricanes, fire, water damage, flood damage, and mold to random accidents. It is, without a question, one of the most nerve-racking experiences one has to go through. Having to deal with the insurance provider and the restoration companies adds to the stress of the repair procedure.

Most repair companies take advantage of their consumers because they are inexperienced and easily duped. To avoid being ripped off while simultaneously receiving quality work, you must be able to tell the difference between the truth and widely utilized falsehoods throughout the insurance claim procedure.

Top Lies You Might Hear From a Restoration Contractor

These are some of the most prevalent deceptions perpetrated by restoration companies on their unsuspecting clients.

“Just sign here, and I’ll take care of the rest.”

The most essential thing to remember is that no one, not even the repair contractors, may negotiate or mediate with the insurance company on your behalf regarding your insurance claim payment. Nonetheless, the majority of contractors pose as unlicensed public adjusters, which is a third-degree felony in Broward County and across Florida.

Just keep in mind that when a restoration contractor asks you to sign an AOB (Assignment of Benefits), they’re essentially giving themselves the right to any money collected from your insurance company, thereby eliminating you from any role in the insurance claim. That was essentially your assertion! So, never sign any such paper since doing so entitles a complete stranger to all of your money.

“I work with all insurance providers, so I can get you the best deal.”

While many contractors brag about this, the reality is that most restoration contractors work with almost all the insurance carriers. The point to ponder here is that if the insurance firm itself is referring a contractor for your claim, who the real customer might be? Certainly not you. Since the insurance company may provide the contractor with hundreds of leads each week, doesn’t it seem to reason that the contractor is more concerned with keeping their own money machine running by doing what the insurance company tells them to do than with making you a happy customer?

Insurance restoration contractors take orders, pricing, and all other necessary information to determine the extent of damages for your claim from the people who pay them, not you! They are directly employed by insurance firms eliminating you from the main focus.

“Don’t be concerned; I’ll pay your deductible.”

Many repair contractors are not just unethical, but they are also criminals.

If an insurance repair contractor ever claims that they will pay your deductible, you must report them right away since it is a third-degree crime in Florida.

The Florida Department of Financial Services includes a Consumer Services division that acts as the authorized representative for Floridians in the insurance claims procedure. For your convenience, their phone number and the link have been provided:



“You don’t have to pay for it if you don’t like the craftsmanship or the materials, or if you disagree with the task.”

Many restoration contractors may attempt to persuade you to sign the Assignment of Benefits (AOB) form. As explained above, this contract only pushes you out of the claim, taking away your rights. Therefore, never sign one! In the last two years, AOB litigation has inundated Florida courts. If you are dissatisfied with the craftsmanship, or if the insurance contractor fails to pay its subordinates for work performed on your property, or if a worker is injured while laboring on your property, you may acquire liens against your property with no redress as a result of the AOB. You will be on your own to cope with the debts and legal issues.

One might ask: “What about guarantees and warranties for repair work?”


Don’t be deceived; many insurance companies and their adjusters make it appear as though the insurance company is warranting or guaranteeing the job when they are not! If you ask your insurance provider for a formal guarantee or warranty, you might be astonished at how they twist and bend to avoid giving you an accurate response!

“I’ll deal with your insurance company on your behalf.”

As discussed earlier, the unauthorized (non-licensed) practice of public adjustment is also a third-degree crime in Broward County and the rest of Florida. Insurance repair companies have no power to deal with the insurance company regarding your insurance claim on your behalf.

The law mandates that only licensed public insurance adjusters and attorneys contact and help policyholders with their insurance claims. And in exchange for representing you from start to end, public adjusters are often paid a modest portion of the overall settlement price.

Make sure that the person representing you is a highly experienced, licensed industry specialist who knows how to help you avoid minefields, traps, and falsehoods and get your property repaired properly.

Don’t go up against the insurance company or the insurance repair contractor on your own. In the case of property loss, ensure you have a licensed public adjuster with industry experience and competence representing you from a position of honesty!

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